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5 Quick Ways to Embrace Spring

The ice is thawing, the snowy days are lessening and you are seeing a semblance of Spring.  Spring is special is because it can be symbolic of rebirth in so many ways.  Like nature that replenishes the grass and leaves that have withered and replaces the old with beautiful lush, green grass and blossoming  flowers, we can also use Spring as a time to renew ourselves in all ways, but especially when it comes to our fashion.  As Spring comes into season, the turtlenecks and coats that we wore during the winter may no longer be appropriate.

Here are 5 quick ways to make sure that you are Spring Ready:

  1. Assess your current wardrobe to see which items can be incorporated into Spring wear…these are items that are lighter in weight and that are bright in color.  Pull these to the front of your closet so that they are front and center for the next few months.  However, if you do not embrace bright colored clothing, there is no need to buy anything new…keep reading to see how you can still embrace Spring.
  2. While most people will gravitate toward wearing brighter clothing, it is not a rule that can’t be broken. I am a rebel at heart and encourage everyone to find her own style.  Wearing bright colors is not limited to just your clothing.  This means that you can bring your darker colored basic clothing pieces like black, navy and slate into Spring as well.  You just need bright accessories to pair with it so that you can lighten the visual feel of your outfit and add the interest that Spring demands.  This is one of the reasons why I love jewelry so much.  Rather than spending a fortune always updating your wardrobe, you can add accessories to the mix and get a whole new look.  I love the pop that a bright yellow necklace adds to a slate top or navy.  You can also pair orange accessories with navy blue…this is such a classic color combination that many people do not wear but when you do, it is instant compliments.  Spring is about experimenting with color, and if you are ever stuck, just look to nature for inspiration, which leads me to my next tip.
  3. Embrace florals.  Nothing says Spring like a beautiful dress, blazer or top with a floral motif.  If you are not the type of person who would wear a floral print, go for a necklace or earrings that has/have flowers.  You can also embrace other accessories that represent nature, like birds, leaves and feathers.
  4. Embrace accessories that have a natural element to them, such as wooden beads or natural colored stones.  These pieces evoke a feeling of earthiness which is a lot of what Spring is really about.
  5. Relax and create your own style.  Spring is light and airy so your style can also be light and playful. Have fun with your clothes and accessories.  Every item that you put on should be a piece that you love.  If not, it is the perfect season to purge during Spring Cleaning.  Remember, all things have a season, so once something has run its course and no longer makes your heart palpitate, it is time to release it.
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Two Things that I Learned During My First Week in Business

So…this first week of true entrepreneurship has been monumental.  Audrey, Grace & Izzy was conceived almost 2 years ago but was finally born Thanksgiving Day 2016.  For me this is a tremendous accomplishment, especially as I look at how my vision evolved from me just having an interest in jewelry to developing an actual business concept in which I would offer beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry to women while serving a much higher purpose…celebrating women as they are, seeing each woman as a worthy and powerful creation exactly as she is and serving as a conduit for women to feel good and be seen so that she can go out into the world and do some good.  During this first week of business, I learned that I am so passionate about the women that I serve that I can be brought to tears on Periscope while talking about my why.  Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I dislike crying in public because I do not have a pretty cry and lets face it, it is uncomfortable; however, a true measure of growth is the willingness to be vulnerable and realize that those tears are beautiful.  I can say that I have grown.  I also learned that once you have a vision, you can not allow yourself to be swayed by looking at what is currently being done or what has been done before.  The vision is in the eye of the beholder and does not have to look like everyone else’s or have anyone else’s approval.  The only thing that matters is your vision and your willingness to stick with it so that it can be born.  There are people who think that Audrey, Grace & Izzy should only be about the jewelry, and I say, that is fine if you want to look at it on the surface, but for me and forever, my focus will always be on the women who wear my product.

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Welcome to AG&I

Welcome to the Audrey Grace & Izzy brand new web site!  We are excited for you!  We are a fierce, one of a kind, new online jewelry boutique is finally here, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

We believe that options are a girl’s best friend and that you don’t necessarily have to choose one, which is why when we could not decide on our favorite sophisticated fashionista, Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, we went with both and then one more.  Through our indecision but love of fashion, Audrey, Grace & Izzy was born.  Audrey, Grace &  Izzy is an online accessories boutique specializing in providing jewelry for both the classic lady at heart (those that admire Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly) and  the trendsetter (Elizabeth who prefers to go by Izzy to satisfy her adventurous streak).

We know that you want to be unique and stylish at the same time which is why Audrey, Grace &  Izzy offers only one of each item on our website.  With only one of each item, you can avoid that awkward moment when you scan the room and your eyes land on some poor soul wearing the exact necklace that you are. You can be certain that when you order something from Audrey, Grace & Izzy that all eyes will be on you and not on you and every other lady in the room with the same piece of jewelry.